Havering Sports Council are continuing to run, on behalf of Havering Council, a sports bursaries scheme for sports persons resident in the borough, the awards are for sums up to £200.00.   Bursaries are awarded in March, July and November and are subject to the nominees reaching a set criteria as follows:-

1. All applicants must live in the London Borough of Havering.
2. Applicants must have represented the County (or equivalent) or above, within the current year. **
3. Applications must be in connection with a sport recognised by Sport England (a full list can be found on www.sportengland.org).
4. Only one individual application will be considered in each financial year

 Awards will normally be between £50 and £200. This depends upon the number of applications, the worthiness of the application and how much is in the budget.

 Open to individuals not-affiliated to HSC.

The necessary forms are here